Multi-Service Credit Terms and Conditions


Multi-service customers are those customers that receive Rock Port Telephone landline telephone service and at least one other service provided by Rock Port Telephone or its affiliates.  By receiving multiple services and receiving the multi-service credit, multi-service customers are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth below.



In order to be eligible for the multi-service credit, a customer must:

  1. Be a multi-service customer, as defined above, on or before May 23, 2016; and
  2. Continue to be a multi-service customer; and
  3. Not have been disconnected from any service for non-payment after May 23, 2016.

Customer-requested changes in services and/or level of services received will not impact credit eligibility, so long as the customer continues to be a multi-service customer.



The multi-service credit will be applied to the then-current billing cycle.

  1. Rock Port Telephone may apply the credit to any billed service.
  2. Rock Port Telephone may change the amount of the credit or discontinue the credit at any time without prior notice.
  3. The total credit given may vary for customers receiving Lifeline Credits.



A customer will not receive the multi-service credit if the customer:

  1. No longer receives landline telephone service from Rock Port Telephone; or
  2. No longer receives multiple services from Rock Port Telephone or its affiliates; or
  3. Has any service disconnected for non-payment; or
  4. Rock Port Telephone determines to discontinue the credit.