Everyone always wants to know why their computer is so slow. Most of the time, it is because they have junk software on their computer that is slowing it down. It’s usually this grey area type software that may not be a “virus”, but it isn’t really something you want. Good examples of this type of software would be things like “weather bug” and “coupon printer”. Most people don’t intentionally install this software, they just don’t uncheck all the boxes. Here are a couple examples:



This is one of the screens from a software installer. Notice the checkboxes that ask whether you want to install “recommended software”. This is extra junk you don’t want or need. Uncheck ALL the boxes!


The next one is actually on the website for Adobe Reader (which almost everyone uses). Again, mind the checkboxes. You don’t want the extra stuff.


The real key is just not to go too fast when installing software. Read what the options are. Don’t let software install extra toolbars, other software, or change your homepage. Also, you usually don’t want software to run when you start up your computer. Uncheck the boxes and let’s stop all the junk software at the source!






Michael Richardson – Author