What computer is right for me?
Understanding what type of computer will work for the average user.


In the computer world, spending a lot of money doesn’t mean you’re buying “the best” machine for you. It usually means you’re buying additional features or upgraded hardware for specific functions that the average user doesn’t use.


For example, if you are a pc online gamer, you will want to buy a more expensive computer because they have more storage space, a higher quality graphics card, and a faster processor to run an HD game smoothly. If you are an average computer user, then the basic storage size, graphics card, and processor will work perfectly for you, the upgrades and additions will not be used at all.


It’s like if you went grocery shopping in a $1,500 formal outfit. You’re clothed and you can perform your shopping, but you didn’t need to buy a $1,500 outfit when a basic T-shirt and pants for $30 would have worked exactly the same for you to go grocery shopping.

What to look at when buying a computer.


For Average Computer use- Web surfing, basic computer games (ex: Solitaire), Facebooking/Twitter, Emails, run Microsoft Programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)


  • Windows 10
    • 64-bit
    • Intel Core i3 Processor
    • Intel® HD Graphics
    • 4GB RAM
    • 500 GB Hard Drive
    • Don’t do a mail-in-warranty, save yourself the headache and upgrade to the 1 year warranty.


If you are an average computer user but you have over 500,000 photos (MB each) or 60 hours of video stored on your computer,


  • Upgrade the 500GB Hard Drive to a 1 Terabyte Hard Drive.


The same hardware in a laptop will be less expensive than if you have to buy an entire PC system (tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and sound bar). If you already own the additional equipment and just need to purchase a new tower, then the laptop and PC will cost about the same.


For Intermediate Users-Online gaming with high quality resolution. Click Here

For Advanced Users- Adobe graphics/photography & small businesses use. Click Here