What computer is right for me?
Understanding what type of computer will work for the Advanced Computer Users.


You would be considered an advanced computer user if you use a computer for video editing, animations, photo editing, and general graphic design with adobe products or any professional editing software. These editing software programs require a powerful graphics card and a large amount of RAM. If you attempt to perform the editing functions on an average computer, you will quickly get frustrated with the time it takes for your program to process content and video editing will lag horribly.



If you work on these editing software programs on a daily basis, you will want the below hardware (at minimum).


  • Windows 10 or MAC
    • 64-bit
    • Dedicated graphics card with at least 4GB. 8GB would be better for extensive video editing.
    -When looking for a computer with a dedicated video graphics card, look for one of the
    below phrases.
    – NVIDIA (4GB minimum)
    – AMD RX (4GB minimum)
    – GTX (4GB minimum)
    – Geforce (4GB minimum)
  • 1 TB Hard drive or 1 TB SSD
    • If you go with the 1 TB Hard Drive see if you can get a 128 SSD included. SSD
    helps with loading time.
    • 16 GB RAM
    • Intel Core i7 Processor


When searching for an advance computer, you are basically looking for a higher-end gaming computer. When shopping online, you can search for a computer using filters like Gaming Computer, Gaming PC, and Gaming Laptop just know you will most likely be looking at the higher priced options. Most MAC computers will work for you, just compare the above requirements to be sure; some of their less expensive options may not have everything you need.


I would suggest that you do not use a laptop, it will cost a lot more than getting a pc tower with the same components. However, if you need it to for occasional mobility I would suggest getting a mouse and monitor to hook into the laptop for your stationary area; laptop screens and mousepad are not the best for daily editing purposes but will work fine if you are on the road and need to make edits.


For Average Users- Web surfing, basic computer games, Facebook/Twitter, Emails, run Microsoft Programs. Click Here

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